Credentialing Process

Obtaining credentials to practice at Novant Health:

What providers need to know

At Novant Health Credentialing and Medical Staffing Operations (CMSO), we use a uniform process to verify the credentials of medical professionals applying for privileges at our acute care centers, ambulatory surgery centers, medical clinics and other affiliated facilities. The process enables us to vet medical staff, advanced practice providers and practitioner-support staff in a consistent and thorough way, often in six weeks or less. It also saves providers valuable time by eliminating the need for them to submit and monitor multiple applications.

Your single application will be processed by our central credentialing office and then submitted to the medical staff office at each facility where you want privileges for review and action.

The best way to keep the process moving is for you — the provider — to be proactive. Start by following the instructions below closely and providing the most complete and accurate information you have. If you have questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact the CMSO staff.

Step 1: Request an application

You kick off the process by completing the online Novant Health credentialing application request form that corresponds to your needs. The options are:

  • Initial Application —This is the first application you will request if you are not currently on the medical staff of a Novant Health facility. Selecting it will bring up a list of qualifications providers must have to work at Novant Health facilities.
  • Streamlined Application — You will request this application if you are already on the medical staff at a Novant Health facility and would like to have privileges at additional facilities.
  • Practitioner Support Staff — This application is used for any provider who is requesting authorization to assist physicians in practice at a Novant Health facility.

Step 2: Complete your application

Once your application request is approved, CMSO staff will provide you access to an online portal where you, or an approved proxy, can complete and submit your application and required documents.

Step 3: Primary source verification

Once CMSO accepts your application, our staff will begin checking with the medical schools, graduate medical education programs, state medical boards and other professional organizations cited in your application to verify all information you submitted. This detailed primary source verification process must be completed before CMSO will hand off your application to the medical staff offices at individual Novant Health facilities for the final phase of the credentialing process.

On average, CMSO completes the verification process in four to six weeks, but several factors can prolong the process, including:

  • being a foreign-born medical school graduate;
  • lack of timely response from appropriate peer references;
  • malpractice claims history;
  • practice as a locum tenens physician; etc.


For first-time applicants only

Step 4: Complete online video training

First-time applicants are asked to complete online video training while CMSO is processing their application. CMSO will receive an electronic notification automatically once you complete the required modules.

Step 5: Complete Dimensions Electronic Health Record and facility-specific training.

Once first-time applicants have satisfied all credentialing requirements and been appointed to staff, they will be required to participate in computer training for the Dimensions electronic health record (EHR) system. Other training may be required by the facilities that grant them privileges. Facility-specific requirements will be provided by the medical staff office at each facility.

Hands of a patient and provider as they discuss clinical results and forms.
  • Digital Photo:Professional head and shoulders passport type, jpeg format.
  • Malpractice Insurance Certificate:Upload current malpractice certificate in minimum amounts of $1m/3m for North Carolina and South Carolina facilities and $2.5m/$6.5m for Virginia facilities.
  • Current PPD: PPD must have been placed in the past 12 months and must not expire during the application process. If PPD expires while application is being processed, a new one will need to be submitted.
  • DD-214 (if prior military):If prior military experience, provide a copy of your DD-214. If you are unable to locate your DD214, you may request a copy online.
  • Other Certifications:BLS/CPR, ATLS, PALS, NALS, etc. - Specific privileges or scope of practice may require evidence of current certifications as specified in privilege criteria.
  • Identification Card:Driver's license or other government-issued photo identification card must be provided.
  • CME / CEU:Upload certificates or list of continuing education courses obtained in past three years. This is not required if you are a recent graduate of a training program.
  • Case Log / Listing of Procedures:Provide a copy of your case logs completed during training or a listing of procedures performed during the past three years.
  • Privilege Criteria: Review privilege forms and submit evidence that you satisfy criteria for all requested privileges or scope of practice. 

Optional Method for Upload

Digital documents are the preferred method of submitting all required documents; however, if you cannot provide documents in a digital format, you can send them to the Novant Health CVO by USPS mail or fax. This method of submission will cause a significant delay in getting your application process started. Use this method only if absolutely necessary and as a last resort. If you choose this method, you acknowledge delays may occur as a result. Details of where to send information are listed in the footer below.

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